Show how awesome you are with Better GitHub Widget for WP

Some of you may have noticed the new GitHub widget on the right, what you may don't know is that I made it.
Before using WordPress to manage my blog I was using Octopress, one of my favorite features were the javascript plugins — in particular I liked the GitHub one — so I decided to make my own version for WP.

You can find it on or on GitHub.

Why should you use it?

Before writing my own widget I tried some other plugins I found on, they were all using curl to fetch the data from GH before responding to the page request.
From my empirical experience this was causing a major slowdown on the loading time, but I don't have any data to prove it so you should take this with a bit of salt.

The future

I have some ideas to expand the widget, shortly I will add the ability to:

  • Show forks
  • Hide the OctoCat

If you have any idea on how to improve this widget feel free to leave a comment or open an issue of GitHub.