Painless blogging with MarsEdit and Markdown

Recently I've been revisiting my blogging habits, one of the reasons I don't post often is because, with my old workflow, the friction between thinking a blog entry and posting it was too high.
After spending an evening searching I found a workflow that suits my needs, the setup is very easy and if you follow along you will be up and running in no time.

My old workflow

My old workflow consisted in:

  1. Write the post in iA Writer
  2. Convert from markdown to html with Marked
  3. Post from WordPress web interface

The annoying steps where step 2 and 3, every time I had to make a minor edit to a post I had to convert it again.

My new workflow

My new workflow is:

  1. Write the post in MarsEdit
  2. There's no step 2 🙂

The setup

To make this working some steps are needed:

  1. In MarsEdit preferences, choose 'HTML text' as default editing mode
    Choose 'HTML text'
  2. To have a nice preview in MarsEdit, select 'Markdown' as the preview text filter under the blog's settings
    Select 'Markdown'
  3. Install the Markdown on Save Improved
    plugin on your WordPress install and activate it. Leave the options unchanged.

Now every time you will click 'Send to Blog' the plugin will convert your Markdown to HTML and then publish the post.

  • morizotter

    Thanks! It helps me a lot!

  • Chip Brock

    This doesn't work for me. When I write in markup, with indeed the settings above...and I then double click on my file in the Marsedit window...I get HTML, not the markup that I typed. I am missing something!? Isn't this happening to you?

    • Francesco

      Nope, when I open the old posts I can see the markdown markup.
      Sorry for the late reply.

    • Luc TAESCH


      I had a similar issue, and this was sue to another markdown plugins conflicting (WP Markdown, in my case). once this one deactivated , ( and Markdown on Save Improved ) activated, I had the Md back in Marsedit

      • Chris Lott

        I don't see how this works...if I double click the post that has already been posted in MarsEdit, it retrieves the latest version from my blog, which is the HTML version. Round-tripping Markdown doesn't seem possible...and I am using Markdown on Save Improved (and I tried Markdown on Save as well). Any ideas?

  • Luc TAESCH

    I started with this setup, thanks for that ! and now I have added Scrivener in the tool chain, :

  • Bucco Blather

    I just found this post and I've implemented it and it has saved my workflow. Moreover, I can now write in Markdown on the iPad in blogging software and get the same result.