Leaving OS X behind: software

Last blog post I wrote why
I bought a new PC that it's not made by Apple.

Now I'm going to explain some decisions I made software-wise.

Operating System

I went with a dual boot Linux and Windows, I use the latter for games and the former
for pretty much everything else.

This is not the setup that I like the most, my open source OS of choice is FreeBSD
but, alas, CUDA is not available for it so I had to fall back on Linux.

Which distribution did I choose?
I went with Arch Linux, it's often described as the most BSD-esque of all linuxes
so I thought I would feel like at home (actually I feel like I'm in a house that
looks like home but it's not my home, but that's another story).


I use Awesome WM and nothing else. Really, DE are

I really love tiling window managers and I don't need the features of a desktop
environment — like Gnome, KDE or XFCE — so I decided to not install them.
That is the beauty of an open source desktop, I can do whatever I want!
And yes, I know I can use a tiling wm with a DE.


My terminal is urxvt
I browse the interweb with Chromium
I edit text file with gvim
I read my emails with mutt

I don't need anything else for my day-to-day use.

I miss some applications thought:

  • MarsEdit, I'm writing this post from OS X because MarsEdit is awesome
  • Sparrow, while mutt is good (the best choice on Linux) Sparrow is better. It has
    the keyboard shortcuts us geeks need and a very good UI. Also I don't need an
    evening to configure it
  • OmniFocus, the best GTD software, powerful and easy to use. I really hope they will
    release a web version of it


I'm quite happy with my new setup, I only need two things to make it perfect: nVidia
should release CUDA for FreeBSD and someone (maybe me?) should release an alternative
the applications I miss. They don't need a GUI, they should not get I'm my way while
I'm doing my things, that's it!