Leaving OS X behind: hardware

Some of you, my dear 3 readers, may know that I've always been a Mac OS X user and I love it!
But every love story has to come to an end.

Recently I had to buy a new computer and for many reasons I opted for an assembled PC, oddly enough it wasn't for an economic factor.
The two main reasons are that I need a nVidia graphic card and Apple doesn't sell any mac with it and that I feel in love with tiling window managers.

Hardware setup

The hardware is nothing fancy (affiliate links):

First impressions

The case in huge! I was used to a tiny MacBook Pro 13" and now I have this big thing under my desk!

But overall it's a really good case, it has 2 big fans so it always run cool, even while playing for many hours, and it doesn't make a lot of noise. Also the 5 USB are on the front panel, so they are really convenient.

I'm not an hardware-guy so I don't have much to say, next: which OS and DE I'm using and why I chose it.