I'm working on a GNOME client for CloudApp

One of the services I use most and love is CloudApp, a small application that allows you to share images, links and other files.
The problem is they don't have a client for Linux, so I'm stuck using their (good) online interface, right?
The answer is yes, for now. But I'm working on my own client for GNOME thanks to CloudApp's comprehensive API. In this post I'm going to share some screenshots and mockups to gather early feedback.

First launch

The first launch is the most important, the user can have only one first impression so I want it to be positive. The application simply asks for the email and password and then signs in.

First Launch


I'm not a huge fan of applications with too many preferences, so I will keep the preferences window minimal. In the first version of the application the user will only be able to choose the default privacy setting for new items.

Preferences Window

Main interface

The main interface of the application is the system tray icon and menu. It shows the last five uploaded items, a quick link to the CloudApp web interface and a menu item to upload a file. Probably I will add a menu item to add a bookmark.

Main Menu

To make it easier to upload a file while being in the file manager the application has a drop window, I need to investigate in the GTK+ APIs before being sure if I can do what I have in mind.

Drop Window

Where to follow the development

If you are a CloudApp user, or if you are interested in becoming one, you can follow the development of this application on GitHub. This is my first GTK+ application so things tend to break often and I need to change a lot of code constantly.

If you want to make a CloudApp client for KDE you can also checkout libcloud, the C library for the CloudApp APIs I'm writing. This project tend to break even more often than the other.

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