CentOS as a modern desktop OS

Until yesterday I thought my desktop setup was pretty boring, after a chat with a couple of strangers on #freebsd I found it's not.

DEC PDP-11 Running Unix

My distribution of choice at the moment is CentOS (or any other RHEL derivate to be honest), I use it because I want a stable platform that I can setup and forget for years. There are other distributions that fulfill this requirement (I'm looking at you, Debian) but CentOS is good enough, I'm also using Linux because there's no official CUDA support for FreeBSD so it makes sense to use a distribution officially supported by Nvidia.

The #1 complain about CentOS are its outdated packages, to solve this problem I use the Nix package manager, I use it to install most of the day-to-day software I use like vim, mutt and weechat. So far this has not created any problem or conflict with system packages so I can recommend it to anyone who wants a stable OS with an up-to-date userland.

Even if you are not going to use CentOS you should check Nix out, it has some nice feature like being purely functional (so mutt won't break because you updated your wm), supporting multiple versions of a software and an easy way to define a new package.

Image courtesy of PanelSwitchman.